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3000+ Social Media Signals

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Social signals have an inherent authority, particularly if they stem from trusted social media platforms. They can be leveraged to drive traffic and improve your online visibility.

SEO-SA Social Signals will improve your online visibility by sharing your website’s URL across multiple social media platforms.

Please Note: These are social media signals (sharing your URL) and not social media page likes or followers. Please contact us if you would like to increase the number of page likes and/or followers for the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are social signals?

Social signals are created whenever someone shares or likes a link from your website. For example, you can copy your website's URL and share it on a social media site such as Facebook, then someone "likes" or "shares" the link and this generates 1 social signal.

Social signals can improve traffic to your website and help in organic rankings on search engines as it's a factor search engines use to rank a website.

Will I get a report?

Yes, we'll send you a screenshot of the total social signals your link has before we start, then send you a screenshot of the new total social signals after the job has been completed.

How can I check the total social signals that my links have?

You can use the following link to check your total social signals:

> Social Media Shares Signals Checker

How long does it take to complete?

Your order should be completed within 7 days.

How long does it take to complete?

Your order should be completed within 7 days.



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    12 reviews for SEO-SA Social Signals

    1. Jarmaine Dube

      Great service, im happy

    2. nexusitpolokwane

      amazing work you guys, have already ordered for 3 different websites and all show amazing results! Will order again!

    3. daniel

      They are very fast to respond. Thanks for the greatest service, quality and communications! I would recommend and will buy again.

    4. Heinrich

      Good product and great pricing!

    5. Heinrich

      Excellent price for a good product, part of a mixed content campaign!

    6. Heinrich

      As always, excellent quality work and very quick to deliver!

    7. T P

      Report received with screenshots of the before and after social signal counts. Already starting to see some improvement of traffic to my website.

    8. IP

      Good thank you

    9. Jefrey

      Thanks for the fast service. Hope it will help my website.

    10. J Z

      Yes its good… But will rather buy more comment backlinks, much better to help increase ranks.

    11. Timo

      Wow! That’s great. Thank you.

    12. MJ

      Good job, will be back for more.

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